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Why is manga cool?


Over the past couple of years the market  for manga (Japanese comics) has exploded in North America. There’s a greater awareness of manga amongst retailers, readers and educators than ever before and libraries have seen their manga titles being taken out again and again, more than any other type of books in circulation.


With all of this excitement being generated, one of the areas that still holds potential for growth is manga for young readers, ages 7-12.


These children see all kinds of manga targeted at older readers but have very few titles to choose from that are specifically tailored to their age level.


The UDON Kids line is our way of inviting a brand new audience to experience the joy of comics and reading through the engaging and energetic manga style. These translated Japanese titles were carefully chosen for their engaging artwork and fun-filled stories; quality content across multiple genres that will grab the attention of pre-teens and encourage them to keep reading.