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The Big Adventures of Majoko cover A mysterious diary in Nana's room becomes a portal to the Land of Magic, home to a little girl wizard named Majoko. The quiet Nana and the not-so-quiet Majoko quickly become friends. No matter how shy she is, Nana can't help but be pulled into Majoko's big adventures! The Big Adventures of Majoko cover
Ninja Baseball Kyuma cover Ninja Baseball!
Kyuma is a young ninja boy, who lives in the mountains with his ninja dog Inui. When the captain of a small town baseball team finds Kyuma, the ninja boy thinks baseball is a new type of ninja battle!

Can a ninja learn how to play sports? Ninja Baseball Kyumar
Fairy Idol Kanon cover Kanon is an ordinary fourth grader who loves to sing more than anything else. When a magical fairy princess named Alto meets Kanon and decides to help start her singing career, their journey to fame takes off!

Friendship and magic combine in this cute musical story! Preview Now
Swans in Space Corona thought the Space Patrol was just a sci-fi TV show, until her classmate Lan recruits her to become a member herself!
Now Corona has to juggle her school work with her duties as the newest Space Patrol recruit!

Join Corona and Lan as they board their Patrol Ship and become SWANS IN SPACE!